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Advertising Expert Webb Green to Advise MauiGames
on Its Embedded Cell Phone Game Advertising Business

Maui , Hawaii and Saratoga , California , December 5, 2005 , – MauiGames ( M obile A dvertising U se I n Games ) announced today that advertising and marketing expert Webb Green has joined its advisory board.

“Mr. Green has worked extensively with clients in 12 European countries and 10 Asian nations, as well as in Central America, South America, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East and Canada. He is considered by both advertisers and ad agencies to be one of the pre-eminent market research experts in the world ,” said David Fradin, president of MauiGames. “He has particular expertise in the areas of technology, consumer packaged goods, travel and hospitality, branded commodities, and outdoor apparel and equipment,” Fradin continued.

“For the past 30 years, Webb Green and his company TRD Frameworks has been the ‘go to guy’ for custom marketing research for over 300 national and international advertisers and advertising agencies including some of the most powerful multinational brands”, Fradin concluded.

“MauiGames’ invention of cell phone game advertising will probably be seen in a few years as one of the most significant new advertising media ever created. The game play embedded ads appear when the player is focused on the game and hence more likely to see and remember it than other media. Additionally, the ad hits a target audience which is difficult to reach with other media, has a compelling direct link response, allows for ad exposures to be tracked, combines explanations of complicated products for a fusion of the best from broadcast and print, and offers ad agencies a high rate of return,” Green says.

Mr. Green gained his research experience while employed in senior positions at Foote, Cone & Belding; Ogilvy & Mather; D’Arcy, MacManus & Masius/Benton & Bowles; and Del Monte Corporation.  During his 37 years in the field, he has worked on new product research for Microsoft Corporation, Clorox Company, Levi Strauss & Co., Seagram Distillers Company, ConAgra Corporation, Land’O Lakes, Starbucks Coffee Company, Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems, DuPont, Tree Top, McCormick-Shilling, and Coca-Cola. Most recently, a senior member of his firm was responsible for conducting all primary research for Xbox while serving as an ad-hoc research manager for Microsoft . In addition, his firm has conducted strategic research projects for Sony and Nintendo (hardware and games).

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MauiGames ( M obile A dvertising U se I n Games) is a cell phone games advertising network service that has developed eight cell phone games which include its patent-pending embedded advertising technology. MauiGames was founded in April 2002 by successful game developers and high tech veterans.

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