Play Hawaii Golf Classics

HAWAII GOLF CLASSICS  -  is as close as you get to playing Hawaii Golf courses on your mobile phone. With authentic course layouts such as Kaanapali, (Host of the Senior PGA Champion Tour), and coming soon the Kapalua (Home of the PGA Tour Mercedes Championships) and Makena (Silver Medal Award for Best Golf Resort),  you can compete in Tournaments and Tours like the pros.

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To play Hawaii Golf Classics on your computer, please click on this link or the image above and read the how to play instructions below. If you would like to be notified that the game for your cell phone is available, please click here.

Note: When clicking on the link above to play Hawaii Golf Classics and you get a message saying: “Do you want to save this file? With an “Unknown File Type” then your computer may not have the necessary newer version of Java.  If it does not update automatically, please go to to get an update or click here: GetJava Download Button

Instructions on how to play Hawaii Golf Classics

The application that opens to play the game is a simulation of a cell phone. Therefore, the most important key you need to know about is the key which represents the "Select" or "OK" or "Enter" key on your cell phone. You can find it in the middle of the keypad area that looks like this:

So, after the MauiGames logo comes up, click on the button with your mouse, pick "Tee Time", use the arrow keys to make other selections, "New Game", "Single Game" and then you can give yourself a unique name by using the arrow keys. You will need to do this before playing the game or at the time you upload or report your score in order to enter the tournaments and win prizes. After clicking on "OK" again you will see directions for how to control the game. Essentially, you use the up/down arrows for distance and left/right arrows to pick the direction you wish to hit the ball. Using the "OK" key again to select how hard you wish to hit the ball and again to control slicing and hooking. You can use the up and down arrows to select your club.

When your first shot comes up, you can initially use the arrow keys to scroll around to check out the lay of the hole. The next click of "OK" enables you to pick the direction/club with the arrow keys, then force and spin. Enjoy!