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Enpocket Launches Mobile Gaming Advertising Channel and Signs Partnership with MauiGames


Saratoga, CA and Maui, Hawaii June 1, 2004 Enpocket, the leading provider of mobile marketing solutions, has launched a new and innovative channel to allow advertisers to connect with today's mobile consumer. By integrating advertising inventory into the fabric of mobile phone games, Enpocket and its partner MauiGames are providing a powerful advertising vehicle that combines the personal, intimate nature of the mobile phone with the dynamism, movement and colour of video games.

Research from the University of Wisconsin indicates that brand placement and advertising within such games is highly effective - achieving recall scores of 30% in the short term, and 15% after 5 months. "Embedded advertising leverages the power of interactive immersion--the intense engagement that occurs when players play video games; therefore video games with embedded advertising represent an important new advertising medium," said Dr. Michelle Nelson, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of "Exploring Consumer Response to Advergaming', published in Online Consumer Psychology (Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers) Fall 2003. "Our studies have also found that players welcome ads in certain types of games because the ads provide greater realism," added Nelson.

Enpocket has partnered with MauiGames, the leading mobile games developer to offer patent pending 'advergaming' services to its clients. The games offer a range of static and dynamic advertising opportunities from sponsorships and banners, as seen in real sporting stadiums, to in-game immersions. Ad placements can be targeted by time, geography and demographic variables.

"We are delighted to be working with Enpocket - they have pioneered mobile advertising globally over the last 3 years and have the broadest client base to bring to this new, exciting mobile gaming medium," commented David Fradin, president, MauiGames.

"Advertising within mobile games allows our clients to pinpoint their target audience by placing the brand within a relevant game, consequently deepening their relationships with customers. With research showing that consumers are very receptive to advertising within games, MauiGames and Enpocket's technology is helping marketers make their brands an integral part of the gaming experience," added Jonathon Linner, CEO, Enpocket.

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About Enpocket
Enpocket's consumer-driven mobile solutions make marketing more effective. The heart of the offering is the Enpocket Engine, the world's most widely used wireless marketing software. The brain of the system is Enpocket Insight, the richest source of actionable consumer data from campaigns and general mobile usage in the marketplace. Using both, Enpocket Solutions - from advertising to promotions and relationship marketing - optimize relevance and response so that a low cost wireless contact strategy can improve performance across all media channels. Mobile can enhance any marketing program, whether driving sales, developing loyalty or saving costs. To learn more see Enpocket has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, London and Helsinki.

Enpocket clients include: Levi's, Nike, McDonalds, Orange, BBC, Volvo, HSBC, Radiolinja, NHS, Turner, Vodafone, Fox, Honda, Sony, Universal Pictures, Expedia, Sonera Zed, Warner Brothers, T-Mobile, Cadbury's, Coca-Cola, P&G, JCPenney, KFC, O2, Doritos, Mobileway, HP, Fidelity, GM, CompUSA and Mastercard.

About MauiGames LLC
MauiGames ( was formed in April 2002 to develop video games for a variety of platforms including consoles, internet, mobile devices and others. With Hawaii's reputation as a quality place to live and work, MauiGames has attracted world class game developer talent. Leading this combination of world class talent and technology is an experienced management team of senior game and Silicon Valley executives.

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