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The Opportunity for Cell Phone Advertising. 3

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United States Cell Phone Use Demographics. 3

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Types of Advertising Offered. 5

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Game Description. 7

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Advertising Kit

Opportunity for Cell Phone Advertising

MauiGames is offering a new and unique advertising opportunity on a series of cell phone games customized for maximum advertiser sell-through results. 

Advertising in downloadable cell phone games is like running ads in magazines but with greater impact.  Cell phone games are a new media with hundreds of thousands of downloads per month at a fraction of the cost of magazines.  In addition this new media offers opportunities for local and/or customized ads and the ability to track actual sales impact.


Players are downloading hundreds of thousands of copies of individual games per month. 

It is estimated that 150 to 300 million game enabled phones will be shipped worldwide in 2003.  That is out of an estimated total of over 450 million phones sold worldwide. Already over 120 different models have game playing capabilities.  Existing phone users typically upgrade about every eighteen months.  These phones have greater compute power than PCs that were shipped in the 1980s.  During idle time, many phone owners play games on their phones for their personal entertainment.  The games they play tend to mirror their interests.  As a result, they will tend to often be interested in the products/services associated with that game.

Because of the earlier availability of game enabled phones and in some cases different cultural factors, cell phone game play is very popular in Japan, Korea, China, and Europe and coming on fast is the United States.   In fact, over 37 million Americans are now playing game on their cell phones.  Typical downloads are exceeding hundreds of thousands per month per manufacturer and/or carrier.

United States Cell Phone Use Demographics


Scarborough Research

Gallup Poll

Cell Phones

176 million

155 million


Median Age



Under 30






65 and older

















$60,000 plus



$100,000 plus



Cell users who play games




A recent study by Professor Michelle Nelson of the University of Wisconsin entitled: “Recall of Brand Placements in Computer/Video Games” published in the Journal of Advertising Research, March/April 2002 says:

“Players in the study held positive attitudes towards in-game product placement.  They did not consider the practice deceptive.  They said it adds to the game’s realism.  If the ad is a novel placement, recall is even higher. Interaction with the product during the game also significantly enhances recall.”

In terms of gauging short and long-term recall the study found that 30% of the advertisements in the game were recalled in the short-term.  10 to 15% were recalled after 5 months.”

This is particularly true of sports games where players “expect to see advertisements”.


If a person downloads a game they will play it at least once because they made the effort to pick the game.  MauiGames expects that in-frequent players will play their game at least ten times a month for about 15 minutes in total.  More frequent players can be expected to play twenty times per month for about 30 minutes.  Average games will take about two to three minutes to play and can be paused if interrupted like with an in-coming phone call. 

Cell phone games developed by MauiGames will offer several static impressions and interactive advertising immersions.  A static impression is where the player sees the name of the advertiser placed strategically. An interactive immersion is where the player will interact with characteristics of the product thereby learning more about the product’s features, advantages and benefits. 

A static impression will be made at the start and at the end of the game.  During game play several impressions can be made with billboards, banners and other techniques.

Interactive Immersion

Depending on the objective of the advertising and the game play, the player may also interact with the product.  We call this interactive advertising an immersion ad and it is three times more powerful than a static ad based upon training retention studies conducted by the US Department of Defense.  Those studies found that people tend to remember 20% of what they see, 40% of what they hear and 70% of what they see, hear and do.

Types of Advertising Offered

MauiGames Cell Phone Games offer five types of advertising:

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for more details about the type of ads that are available.

Advertisers may select one or more of these types of advertising for monthly insertions. Each month a new game level and/or track is released to keep the game fresh.

Total Impressions Based on Type of Ad per Month

This chart estimates advertising impressions per download by type of ad per month, vs. frequency and duration of play.  In summary, ad impressions are 50 to 1800 times more than a standard magazine ad insertion.  However, the rate card is based only on download CPMs.  Like with magazines we expect the fun game play will be shared as the player hands their cell phone to others to try their hand at the game.

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for impressions information.

In addition the player is not distracted while seeing the ad since the game has their full attention.  There is also a halo effect being associated with the enjoyment of the game and as a result the positive impression is longer lasting.

Expected Number of Downloads

In North America there are nine carriers and more than a dozen manufacturers.  In addition there are several “aggregators” or distributors of cell phone games.  In April, 2003 approximately 2.4 million games were downloaded in North America.  MauiGames will guarantee 200,000 downloads per monthly ad insertion. 

Expected Results

Monthly download reports will be provided.  Additionally a mechanism can be created to track the impact to sales effect such as a coupon or rebate program.  Further MauiGames offers an independent post-testing option to be conducted by Assistant Professor Michelle R. Nelson of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Game Description

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for alternative game options for advertising.

Rate Card

General Rates

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for the rate card.

Location of Circulation:  Can be customized for local, national, and foreign.

Audit:  Number of downloads can be tracked via web access and through an independent third party.


Frequency rates are based on cumulative insertions run within a 12-month period. 

Introductory Offer

MauiGames is offering a 50% discount for first 6 months of advertising.

Commission and Credit Policies

MauiGames will pay 15% to recognized agencies.  A 50% deposit is required to hold spot and month of insertion.  Remaining 50% of the advertising fee is due 45 days prior to date of insertion.


Acceptable file formats for logo, art, and ad copy is JPEG, EPSF, Photoshop with intact layers.  Minimum size is 160x180 pixels.  24-bit color. MauiGames will size reduce for each targeted phone. 

Mailing Instructions

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for mailing instructions

Issuance and Closing Dates

Games issued monthly on the first of each month.  Closing dates are three months before insertion dates.

General Conditions

Conditions, other than rates, are subject to change by MauiGames without notice.

MauiGames liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the ad. 

Cancellation of ad space must be confirmed in writing by the advertiser or agency.  Changes or cancellation may not be made after the closing date.

All insertion orders are accepted subject to provisions of the current rate card. 


Advertisers have been very successfully using “advergaming” as simple web based games to drive traffic to their web sites and/or encourage players to “stick” on the web sites.  More immersive type PC based games as described below has been used with great effectiveness.  Cell phone advertising is just starting.  Here are some examples from on-line and/or downloadable games:


Chrysler, for the 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon sport utility vehicle, teamed up with PC game developer to build awareness for the SUV and with a software publisher-distributor to deliver the Rubicon's exclusive version of another original simulated off-road game.  In short it offered a virtual test drive of the vehicle.  The free Jeep 4x4 Evo2 game features the Jeep Wrangler, highlighting its capabilities via virtual four-wheel-drive test drives on rugged, well-known off-road trails.  The game was released in early 2002.  Gamers could download it or order a CD-ROM version and submit their scores for a sweepstakes offering the Rubicon as the grand prize. The 10 players who submitted the highest scores by June 14, 2002 won a trip to Jeep's annual Camp Jeep event and a face-off on the Rubicon Trail, the final trail in the game.  Nearly 50,000 visitors had downloaded the game as of April 28 and 7,315 ordered the CD. At that time they were predicting some 70,000 visitors will have registered for the game by June 14.  Online survey results of the players showed 51.7% of registrants and 61% of score submitters said they were "very interested" in four-wheel drive games.  Chrysler is able to track car and truck sales directly to prospects from its gaming efforts.

In the area of in-game advertising Jeep also bought ads in the popular Tony Hawk skateboard games. 


Toyota 4Runner Challenge game. The custom built, 4-level game takes players through tough terrains in a 2003 Toyota 4Runner, showing off specific vehicle features such as the Torsen Limited Slip-Center Differential. The game entices players to enter contact information with a chance to win outdoor gear.


Mazda has a futuristic racing game with effects from their TV ads and campaign branding.

Insertion Order

Please contact dfradin@mauigames.us for an insertion order and conditions.