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New Mobile Platform Delivers Advertisers Immediate, Customizable Access to Target Demographic; Embedded Placements Create Significant Impact and Recall

Saratoga, CA and Maui, Hawaii – September 24, 2003 – MauiGames Inc., a Hawaii-based developer focused on world-class video game products, announced today an embedded advertising initiative for its cell phone games and applications.  MauiGames is offering advertising opportunities in its “Just for Fun” applications and extreme outdoor sports-themed games for the more than 37 million people in the United States who play games on their cell phones.  The initiative gives advertisers the opportunity to embed static or interactive visual placements, “sound effect” placements, as well as the ability to customize ads for online, seasonal and local promotions. 

“MauiGames’ embedded placements enable advertisers to closely tailor product and brand placements to dovetail with localized consumer preferences, seasonal promotions and product features most compelling to their target audience, at rates far more cost-effective and with significantly higher impact than TV, radio, print or online media,” said David Fradin, president, MauiGames.  “We are pursuing consumer retail goods companies in the initial stages of our advertising sales strategy.”
“People playing games on cell phones are totally immersed, and if an ad is appropriately embedded, the impact is significant,” Fradin continued. “Downloads of individual games are approaching hundreds of thousands per month; the total worldwide market for cell game enabled phones will reach 150 to 300 million by the end of the year.”

“Embedded advertising leverages the power of interactive immersion--the intense engagement that occurs when players play video games; therefore video games with embedded advertising represent an important new advertising medium,” said Dr. Michelle Nelson, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of “Exploring Consumer Response to Advergaming’, to be published in Online Consumer Psychology (Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers) Fall 2003.  “Our studies have also found that players welcome ads in certain types of games because the ads provide greater realism,” said Nelson.

Description of MauiGames’ titles

MauiGames “extreme outdoor sports” games, developed for both console and cell phone platforms, include such sports as mountain biking, downhill skiing, running, skiing, skate boarding, snow boarding, and others.  Because game actions include jumping, turning, twisting and gravity-defying feats, players are closely engaged for maximized ad impression and recall and players like ads embedded in the games because of the realism they add.  The first product of MauiGames’ “Just For Fun” series --“Encore…Encore” -- was recently released at Handango (, a leading supplier of phone software.  For a more detailed description of MauiGames advertising opportunities visit

About MauiGames LLC

MauiGames ( was formed in April 2002 to develop video games for a variety of platforms including consoles, internet, mobile devices and others.  With Hawaii’s reputation as a quality place to live and work, MauiGames has attracted world class game developer talent.  Leading this combination of world class talent and technology is an experienced management team of senior game and Silicon Valley executives.

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